Are You Ready To Release And Transcend Up To 18 Different Energy Blocks ALL Entrepreneurs Face On Their Journey To Achieve Success And Financial Freedom?

‘Prosperity In You’ is one of the fastest growing wealth development programs designed to help you increase your personal energy resonance to attract more opportunities, resources, and money into your life.

IMAGINE… being able to generate everything you need, no matter where you’ve come from, what you’ve been through or what circumstances you find yourself in

IMAGINE… being able to earn what you deserve, and make more in a month than you’ve made in an entire year – all while giving massive value to others!

IMAGINE… having no more fear, judgement, or resistance around creating all the wealth you want – and doing it with joy and ease

IMAGINE… having more than enough to invest in your future, build your dream business or dream life, and contribute your time, talents and unique gifts to the things that matter most to you!

IMAGINE… not just making a living doing what you love, but creating a lifestyle that reflects your deepest values and highest aspirations and serves as a legacy to others…

It’s All Possible, AND It’s Ready & Waiting For You

Have you ever wondered why, even though you’ve read so many personal development books, engaged in some of the most advanced spiritual practices and studied some of the the most popular personal development courses, you still can’t seem to create the life of your dreams?

It’s Because Of Your Prosperity Blocks!

Let’s face it. If you are not earning what you should be, and making the choices you want to make because of financial lack, loss or limitation, then you have a Prosperity Frequency that needs to be fixed – and FAST!

So What Are Prosperity Blocks?

Prosperity Blocks are energetic frequencies or programs hidden deep within your cells, sub-conscious mind and genetic patterning that prevent you from getting what you want. Left unattended, they can infect your finances, your health, your relationships and your spiritual growth.

Bruce Lipton – an internationally recognised leader in bridging science and spirituality and the study of epigenetics, explains prosperity blocks in this way:

Cell Biologist and Research Scientist

Just Having ONE Prosperity Block Is Enough To Completely Thwart Your Life.

For example… What if you have a prosperity block that causes you to believe you have to work hard to get anything and it’ll take blood, sweat and tears to get even a fraction of what you want in your life.

That SINGLE BLOCK could see you working long hours with more time spent at work than with your friends, family and loved ones! It could mean missing out on special occasions and experiencing once in a lifetime moments.

Think about the impact of the constant pressure and stress on your physical body, your overall health, your relationships… Financial conflict is reported as one of the key reasons behinds divorce, and stress is a leading cause of dis-ease today.

And all of this is happening because you have ONE or MORE prosperity blocks sabotaging every step you make!

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way…

Hi, I’m Douglas Peacock

In 1996 I collapsed on a building site and when I “awakened” I could see energy in everything around me. I knew I wasn’t crazy, so I sought out the help of a spiritual teacher and that was the start of a journey that saw me travelling the world as an intuitive energy healer and seeker of knowledge.

I discovered I could help people with their physical pain and  
dis-ease, financial problems, relationship problems and even spiritual crises, simply by tuning into their energy and removing the blocks holding them back. To my surprise, the results were extremely effective, profound and long-lasting.

Over the years, I’ve been blessed with opportunities to help multi-millionaires, politicians, olympians, business owners, entrepreneurs and everyday people like you and me. Heck, I even got invited to the Pentagon and did some work with the US Under-Secretary of State just after the tragedy of 9/11.

Today, with 20+ years of experience behind me I have a mission to positively influence the lives of 10 million people by helping them reach the potential they were born to live.

Over The Years, I’ve Also Used My Gifts To Eliminate My Own Prosperity Blocks

I need to tell you…it wasn’t always easy. You see, I too had a lot of blocks stopping me from living the life I dreamed of living. It was only through the repetition of clearing my blocks that I was able to create a lifestyle for myself and my family that most people only dream of.

Now I’m committed to using my gifts and talents to raise the wealth consciousness of the world. I started as a plumber from a farming town in NZ, so I know that no matter who you are or what your background is, you CAN do exactly what I’ve done for myself and thousands of others.

Douglas teaching at a Wealth Mastery Event In Australia

Now, Before We Go Any Further I Need To Be Honest With You.
There’s THREE Important TRUTHS You Need To Know

CHANCES are you don’t just have one prosperity block, you have several. All compounding any lack, loss and limitation you are experiencing in your life.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We all have prosperity blocks that impact us at varying degrees. The difference between you and the next person is YOUR willingness to remove the blocks and go after what you want in your life versus accepting your current reality and results as ‘just the way it is’.

Removing your prosperity blocks is an EASY PROCESS when you know where they hide and what’s holding them in place. However, making a conscious decision to remove them is not enough. You need to be able to track their roots and eliminate them at their core to be truly free.

That’s Where I Come In…

Using my unique gifts of tuning into people’s energy fields, I’ve developed a series of techniques and processes to systematically locate your blocks and light them up in your entire field of consciousness.

Working together, we can trace all the cording back to the seed or beginning where the block was originated.

And here’s the exciting part…

When we release and you transcend the block at it’s origin, your prosperity frequency E X P A N D S and A M P L I F I E S. This means you organically align with a higher level of consciousness that automatically increases FLOW to every area of your life including your ability to create and manifest your desires.

Clearing Your Prosperity Blocks Is A Mind Blowing, Exhilarating &
 Life-Changing Process.
One that you will experience first-hand when you join me in the

Prosperity In You is a multi-media course for eliminating the core prosperity blocks 99% of the population suffer from.

What you get is a complete collection of audio recordings and home study guides that include a mixture of live and studio recorded energy clearing sessions.

In each session, you’ll experience a powerful and immersive process that tunes into your energetic frequency, accesses your subconscious mind and releases you from a specific Prosperity Block.

This program has been cleverly engineered to give you 18 profound transformational energy clearing sessions as if you were in a live audience or private one-on-one clearing session – at a fraction of the price and in a format that you can do at your own pace, in your own time.

Here Are 18 Of The Prosperity Blocks Covered In The Program Responsible For Holding People Back From Reaching Their True Potential

“ This program is amazing! In my first week after listening to just 3 sessions, I attracted not one but two new clients – both totally unexpected from out of the blue!

“ My wins for this week… It’s been a full week of activities however it has all gone like clockwork – all so smoothly and in sync with everything. I’ve also noticed that the children have had wins, and when the whole house is in flow, the results are AMAZING! Thanks so much. I can’t wait for the next clearing session.

“ After last weeks wins, I didn’t think it could get much better, but this week… I enrolled so many new clients I got recognised as the companies Top Enroller for the week WORLDWIDE! I’m pinching myself at how much has changed in such a small amount of time. I am forever grateful.

“ At the beginning of this program I decided to take a leap of faith and start my own healing business. I’ve bought in over 10x the amount I paid for the course with more coming in every day. New clients, unexpected gifts, new opportunities…and I’m only 3/4 of the way through the program. Anyone not sure of where they are going or what they are doing needs to do this program. It’s completely transformed my life. HIGHLY Recommended.

Here’s Why It Works And How It Transforms Your Life

You Are In The Perfect Place

This isn’t your everyday training program, so it doesn’t follow how most online courses work. Your aim is NOT to master every prosperity clearing session. To think it was even possible would be naive.

These clearing sessions are designed to work if you are just starting your prosperity journey or if you’re already wealthy and just need a deep level tweak. Wherever you are at right now IS the perfect place to begin your journey.

There Is No Limit To What You Can Achieve

Because we’re using ‘energy’, the very stuff you and I are made up of and we have crafted it in a unique special way, every session can be used now and anytime in the future. Energy in it’s purest form knows no limits.

That’s why it doesn’t matter where you live or how you access the program (online, on your mobile device, in a live event or private consultation over Skype), the impact and transformation you’ll experience will be the same.

Science & Spirituality Wrapped Up In One Powerful Package

The magic within ‘Prosperity In You’ is the way we connect you to source energy and then raise your frequency to a higher level of consciousness – yet still keep you grounded to enable manifestation in the physical realm.

The techniques used are both channelled wisdom and scientific fact that align every part of you (wealth, health, relationships, career, contribution and spirituality). So even if money is your initial driving motivation, understand all these other areas will improve as well.

Raising global consciousness is something I’ve been working on for the past 2 decades and is included in this program. Nowhere else will you find this advanced level of energy healing – and the transformational benefits that come with it.

It’s Your Divine Right To Be Rich

The principles and practices you’ll learn in this program follow Universal Law – which means what works for one person MUST work for you. I have yet to be proven wrong in all my years of working with energy and thousands of successful clients.

From hundreds of dollars gained to hundreds of thousands of dollars banked – I’ve witnessed it all. The only way you can fail in bringing Prosperity In You, is to quit or not start at all.

Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Join
The Prosperity In You Training Program

EXCLUSIVE Membership Site to access all your important resources and tools

Prosperity Energy Clearing Sessions – 18 x Individual Clearing Sessions to powerfully release the blocks that hold you down. Assessable from anywhere you have internet access.

Prosperity Block Guidebooks – Get the most out of every clearing session with these specially crafted guidebooks. They have been individually crafted to prepare you for the most profound shifts each and every time.

Tools, Processes, Techniques – Everything you need to transcend your current reality is included in the program

Downloadable Access – All 18 Prosperity Blocks and Guidebooks are in MP3 and PDF format which means you can download the files and listen in the car, at the beach or anywhere you have choose.

The Prosperity In You Program will shift your money beliefs and wealth frequency so that you’ll notice profound financial changes that will only increase in the coming days, weeks, months and years. Your attitude to money will change. You’ll be more inspired at work. And out of thin air you’ll intuitively get creative ideas to make more money, grow your business and even get out of debt.

I am so confident in your success that for the unlikely reason the Prosperity In You Training Program doesn’t live up to your expectations, simply drop me an email. You can opt for a prompt and courteous refund within 30 days from the date when the program starts.

For your security, all orders are processed through Stripe. You DO NOT need a Stripe account for a one-time payment option.

 At the beginning of the program I set a goal to achieve an additional $20k. What surprised me was where the $20k came from. It was not at all where I was expecting it to come from. Like you said – unexpected surprise.

Joanne W - Australia

 I was having trouble with vacating some tenants so I could sell my property. After the first few prosperity clearings my tenants handed in their notice and vacated the premises within 2 weeks. What was even better though, was when I was cleaning out the rubbish they had left behind, I got a gut feeling to check inside an old paint can. Inside I found a wad of $50 notes rolled up in a plastic bag – total sum of $1,200. I wasn’t a massive believer before the course – I’m an avid fan now!  

Brian M - NZ

 I always remember a quote from Think & Grow Rich (something along the lines of) “when the money comes to you, it’ll come so hard and fast, you’ll wonder where it’s been hiding all these lean years.” That’s what has happened since completing the Prosperity In You program. So many opportunities, clients and cashflow has come to me as a result of releasing some really old blockages. Things I thought I had dealt with years ago…I’ve downloaded everything to my mobile so whenever I have some spare time, I listen to an audio from the program. 8/10 times something happens within the next 24 hours. It’s amazing. I’m not sure I understand how it all works, I just know it does and that’s good enough for me. I can’t wait to do some more work with you guys. So excited!

Tanya V - Canada

 Yesterday I called Telstra for a incorrect charge on my mobile bill. They refunded 2 months of the bill (goodwill gesture) and upgraded my plan so I was getting 6x the value of what I was currently paying, for $10 less than what I’d previously been paying. I then called my electricity company to sort out an incorrect reading and they also issued me with a refund! WIN WIN!

Careena F - Australia

The Path To Your Prosperous Future Starts With A Decision

Now that this opportunity is front of you, will you seize it?

Will you release yourself from your Prosperity Blocks, and reward yourself and your loved ones with a life of abundance, freedom and contribution?

Or will you miss the boat and choose a life of financial mediocrity, where money is a constant worry, financial mistakes keep getting in the way of your success, and your full, potential is never realised?

If you’re ready to make a commitment, I’m ready to help you through every step of the way. Let’s make this moment right now your wealth & abundance turning point.

Yours in prosperity,

Douglas Peacock