CCM Single Group Healing Session

Need a top-up energy healing session? This is the session to attend. Join Douglas on a live group call where he reads and clears the energy for all.

Experience The Amplified Power Of Group Healing

Group healing can be an incredibly powerful and transformative experience.
When a group of individuals come together with the intention of healing and personal growth, the collective energy and support can amplify the healing effects of the session.
In a group setting, participants may feel a sense of connection and community, which can be uplifting and comforting.
The group dynamic can also create a safe and supportive space for individuals to let go of their inhibitions and fully embrace the healing process. Many people report experiencing profound insights, personal breakthroughs, and a greater sense of clarity and purpose after participating in a group healing session. Overall, the amplified power of group healing can lead to profound personal transformation and a deeper sense of connection with oneself and others.

It does not matter which area of life you are seeking healing with, the group healing sessions will magnify and amplify your vibration, placing you in the frequency of your desired results.
Together by focusing on the Truth (Wholeness), blocked or stuck energy in your field is treated and your vibration is raised.
By creating a higher frequency you naturally begin to illuminate and feel lighter.
The flow on effect of this is an increased level of awareness, that as you continue to accept and integrate within your life any old blocked energy can no longer control your experience.  
It just naturally falls away, which in turn amplifies your Frequency bringing you into a new reality.

The Intention of each Healing Session is for You to increase Health And Vitality and to live In JOY.


Group Healings Are Conducted Weekly
Wednesday at 8.30am AEST

Robyn H

Great. I was one of those clients that Doug treated- ama😍zing results...

Lisa O

These sessions really work On a positive note I earned the most I ever have last financial year and I’m on track to earn the same again this financial year.  Starting up my own business in B--- has been one of my best achievements and I have never felt so supported from the universe.

Group Healing Session

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